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Do you want to host a screening of Somebody's Daughter with your tribe, at your film festival, in your town, for your school, or for your organization?

All the resources you need are here on this page. Please read everything :)

If you find something missing - email here



We will need to get some basic information from you before we approve your screening.

Nothing huge, nothing that ties you down - if things change you can let us know, but things like:

  • First and second choice date of screening

  • Contact details of two point-people we should work with (you, and someone we can speak to if we can't reach you)

  • Info about your proposed venue - name, address, capacity, tech spec (BluRay, DCP or streaming) and contact details for your tech person. 

  • Nature of the event – tribal organization… film festival…

  • Who do you expect to be in your audience – public, invitees, students…

  • Will you charge admission?

*Reminder: Please do read through the full page before starting on the forms

Please request a date at least 4-6 weeks away. If you don't have adequate time to do your publicity you may get a poor audience, which means you will have wasted both your valuable time, and also lost the opportunity to spread the word about MMIW in your community.

Please understand that for this reason we are unlikely to consider screenings within 4 weeks, and we prefer a lead time of at least 6 weeks. 


If you are not sure when to screen, perhaps talk to the manager of your venue for their insight - they will know the dates and times they get the biggest turn-outs for events. You may want to think about the volunteer help you’ll need, and also consider when those people can be available? Above all, consider your audience. 

Note: Please understand that if yours is a small community screening, we may ask you to wait if a large premiere event is planned for in your state. Our purpose is to shine the biggest light on the crisis and premieres are an opportunity we cannot pass up


We will send you the film in one of three formats - DCP, BluRay or in some special circumstances, via stream. 

If you have professional screening equipment available, DCP is always preferable. The visual and sound quality are streaks ahead.  If not, BluRay is the next best option - most people know someone with a Blu-Ray player.

Streaming is ONLY ideal for venues with a reliable internet provider, reliable internet speed and reliable WiFi. If you dont have this please stick with BluRay. This film is emotional and important - you cannot risk spooling interuptions which will ruin it's impact for your audience.

Please know, streamed screenings WILL NOT be approved unless we have spoken with your tech person about your internet capabilities.


Whatever format in which Somebody’s Daughter is provided to you, you will need to sign a contract stipulating you will not make copies, and that the copy you receive from us will be returned to Alter-Native Media/ our distributor, within 24 hours of the screening using a trackable carrier service. The copy you receive remains the property of Alter-Native Media, you are borrowing it with permissable use for your showing only and neither ownership nor copyright is transfered to you. You can read the contract here.


For the foreseeable future, Somebody’s Daughter is not going to be available for purchase. This will likely change, but currently it is not possible for anyone to purchase a copy of the film.


It is also an infringement of copyright for anyone to post the film online anywhere, and accordingly all copies are digitally stamped - meaning if we find it online anywhere, we will know who posted it. Please understand that we are working hard to make the film available for anyone who wants to see it. While we know that people may feel they are helping in that effort by uploading to Youtube, actually, doing so will greatly obstruct our strategy to get the film viewed by the widest public.

That said, please feel free to share THIS url for the trailer: 
We would love you to share the trailer!!


You are responsible for publicizing your event, using the branded digital materials which we can supply. When your screening date is approved you will be given access to poster, flier and digital social media materials which you can download and adapt with your own information.

All materials can be adapted using a free account at, or any other Photoshop/Design program. 

Canva is a drag-and-drop app which is easy for ANYONE to use, whether you have design skills or not. We have included easy to follow instructions in our publicity materials sheet.

NOTE - If you don’t have a design person to adapt materials, just let us know. We can offer a fully customized package for just $25.

A high-quality and recognizable campaign face for Somebody's Daughter is important.

If you would like to create your own advertising materials for your screening of Somebody’s Daughter, you are welcome to do so, but only in accordance with our guidlines. We ask that you:

  • Use only the imagery we have supplied in the marketing package. Additional imagery should not be added unless you are able to incorporate it into the style and images we supply. (Examples are supplied in our publicity package info)

  • Do NOT screenshot images from our website or off the internet to use in your designs – we have high quality files which we are happy to give you. No cost, just a few extra minutes to make sure we are all presenting the film at its best.

  • Adhere to our colors and fonts - all information is available on our publicity package info - downloadable HERE:

  • Include the Coushatta Tribe of Louisiana’s logo – as executive producers of the film they deserve recognition; the film would not have been made without them. All materials must also display the Alter-NativeMedia logo. Please note, we have left space for your own logo.

About logo use: We understand some venues are seeking sponsorship for their screenings but you may not associate ANY corporate logo to Somebody’s Daughter which we do not know about - it is crucial that we know who is involved with your event. Tribal logos, schools/colleges are fine, but because it is not unusual for corporate interests use events like this to boost their sometimes shady reputations, we may consider them inappropriate and we reserve the right not to associate with them.

Please email/Dropbox your work to the Somebody’s Daughter office for final approval before publishing. ​


Note: Dropbox is a free document sharing space - same kind of thing as google drive, and it is where our publicity materials live in easily accessible folders. Once you have an account, you can access anything you need and download it with ease.
You can sign up for a FREE account here



You are responsible for the costs incurred in getting the movie to you and it’s return to us. The distribution fee covers two-way transit and technical support by phone from our distributor. Approximate costs as follows - 

IT'S WORTH REPEATING THIS: Somebody’s Daughter belongs to the People. It is not a profit venture for Alter-Native Media, or the Coushatta Tribe of Louisiana, and while there are expenses attached to some aspects of some screenings, primarily it should be available for all. 

Please help us to achieve our goal that indigenous people should not be charged admission.

The above costs are based on the hours required to create and ship each version, the hard-costs of shipping (including an enclosed return postage-paid envelope), and some of the trouble-shooting & tech support you may need (phone support only)

Please remember, you are not buying the film, the rights, the hard copy or the digital copy. You are simply paying transit to play the film to your audience. You may not make a copy of the film or play it at any event we do not know about.


The director and film participants are committed to the MMIW cause and are happy to appear at screenings to introduce the film, make a short presentation, or participate in panel discussions and Q&As, but with the number of requests for screenings, we cannot expect them to travel without covering their time/expenses. If you would like us to send a Somebody's Daughter representative to your event, please be prepared to cover flight/travel, hotel, food and a small honorarium. No fixed costs - every situation will be different. Please contact Sara at 406 200 2423, or to discuss.


Whether or not to charge admission is a decision for organizers – you know the needs and resources of your audience. However, organizers of events that charge admission must agree and contract that all profits will go to organizations supporting MMIW or issues of violence against native women.


This may mean that your organization keeps profits from your event and uses the money to support your own efforts for MMIW or issues of violence against native women. It may be that you donate all profits to another MMIW organization or, if you don’t have a reliable organization to donate to, you can hand your profits back to Somebody’s Daughter to enable screenings in tribal, underserved or rural areas.


Please send us copies of paperwork showing donations for our files.


Navigation Links to make your shipping payments:

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are using payer details that don't match the official screener's details in your contract, please email us  - help us identify who the payment is from and which screening it is for)

DCP Digital Link Delivery
$130 USD
PayPal ButtonPayPal Button
Blu-Ray Return Shipping
$120 USD
PayPal ButtonPayPal Button
USB Stick (limited - by arrangement only) $170
PayPal ButtonPayPal Button
Streaming (limited - by arrangement only - $65
PayPal ButtonPayPal Button

Get a FREE Dropbox account here

All you need for a free dropbox account with 2GB cloud storage is to enter your name, your email address and a password.
Once you have this, you can access any of our materials and download everything you need. 
Note, there are options for paid accounts at Dropbox, but for this purpose you do not need one.


Get a FREE account here

Canva is a free design site that make adding dates, venues and other details to our templates VERY easy to do. Again, there are paid versions available but you do not need a paid account for this purpose.


And if you choose NOT to adapt the templates yourself and prefer your publicity materials to be done for you,

order your custom publicity kit here



MMIW is a tragedy of our time, it's at crisis point and its highly emotional. It’s important to remember that depending on the venue or area, the people who come to your screening may have been personally affected by the crisis whether directly or indirectly.

Because of that, please be aware that watching the documentary could trigger some people and it may be appropriate for you to have some kind of support on hand.  Some event holders have chosen to have counsellors, or elders at their events. Others have cedar for smudging. You know what is appropriate for your event; we just want to be sure you are aware and will consider these possibilities.



We have been inundated with screening requests of Somebody's Daughter and have a backlog to deal with. If you are caught in the log jam, please accept our apologies. We are working as quickly as possible to get everyone set up.

To reach Sara in the Somebody's Daughter office:

Call or text: 406 200 2423

Email here

Please note tech support is available to help only people who have a screening set up already and are experiencing tech problems in getting equipment and copies of the film working. 
Please do NOT blow up this phone or email with anything other than bona fide requests for tech help on your screening.



We recognize that Film Festivals work differently to other screenings and that High Schools are obligated to preview materials they plan to show to their students. To that end, we do have a screener link available on request. 

To reach Sara in the Somebody's Daughter office about a screener link please email here

You should use your official email from the festival or school. Information on how to get into the screener link will be sent to you via email. If you have any problems, please contact Joel at Road West Pictures, again via your official school/festival email account, here


Please note help is available only for people who have a screening set up already and are experiencing tech problems in getting equipment and copies of the film working. We are volunteering expertise. 
Please do NOT blow up our phone or email - we will reply as soon as we are able.

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