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"The Doctrine of Recovery documentary is a crucial step on our healing path forward. Three generations of First Nations' women speak to how the Doctrine of Discovery continues to loom over every aspect of our lives as Tribal people. Visually beautiful, it inspires without ever shying away from the impacts of genocide authored in the Papal Bull of 1493.  The Doctrine of Recovery is a call to action for reparations and revoking the Doctrine of Discovery.”


Assembly of First Nations (AFN) National Chief - RoseAnne Archibald

Dene National Chief & AFN Regional Chief (Northwest Territories), Gerald Antoine

"A film of immense power and importance which communicates the undeniable devastation wrought by the Doctrine of Discovery and why the Pope must rescind it."

 Dene National Chief & AFN Regional Chief (Northwest Territories) Gerald Antoine,

who led the First Nations delegation to the Vatican and got the apology from the Pope. 



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